Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta

Use blocks to build structures and weapons to survive monsters in this pìxelated world of creativity

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An extraordinary blend of creativity, survival and exploration, the Minecraft Windows 10 Edition lets you collaborate with other gamers to build awe-inspiring buildings and fight monsters. Can you survive alone as the monsters prowl the night for new victims? A game packed with hundreds of hours of gameplay, Minecraft Windows 10 Edition lets your imagination run unfettered to its borders.

The Evolution of Minecraft

Since its inception, Minecraft shifted and improved from the original game, but at the same time, the game's essence remains consistent. After clicking the play button, Minecraft transports you to a randomly generated world. The possibilities in this world are expansive and flexible. You can mine, scout for materials, or dig tunnels and explore them.

You start the game humbly with your bare hands, but you can still chop down trees to collect wood to craft workbenches, planks, sticks, and other objects. Minecraft starts you with basic wooden tools, but the game progresses you to a smelting furnace for metalwork. Here, you will smelt armor, weapons, and metal tools to survive and even thrive in the cut-throat world of Minecraft.

Survival Mode: Do You Have What It Takes?

Survival Mode will push your skills to the max. After nightfall, dangerous monsters spawn in the world of Minecraft, and you have two options—fight or flight. On the first night, staying alive will be focused on hiding in your shelter until sunrise. Outside evading bloodthirsty monsters, you have to hunt for food and explore your surroundings to survive.

Game developers called Minecraft the game without objectives, but each mode does have a basic structure. In most modes, you wander the wilderness to uncover new and useful resources. These items can add to your attack, capabilities or defenses. You can play in Survival Mode with other gamers, or you can test your quick-thinking and resource gathering skills in a solo map. Multiplayer lets you work together or bring a war to enemy opponents.

Creative Mode: Freedom from Death

The attention of Creative Mode lasers in on creating the magnificent. In Creative Mode, you have no monster or hunger to threaten your pixelated existence, and Creative Mode's often described as "LEGO" Mode. Its elements look similar, and parents sometimes introduce Creative Mode to young children to nurture their creativity. Minecraft Windows 10 Edition lets you unleash your inner creative genius, and even if you select survival mode, the game sports a cartoon-like appearance that remains family friendly throughout.

Minecraft feels somewhat odd because at first you're learning the mechanics of the game without instructions. You're taken to the world and set loose. Luckily, you enjoy simple controls, and Minecraft details much information in the online wiki. You can use the guides to learn about specific skills, crafts, and get new ideas. Despite its elementary mechanics, Minecraft boasts a deceptive depth that means hours and hours of dynamic gameplay with lovely sunrises and breathtaking sunsets.


  • Total creative freedom
  • Controls require no time to learn
  • Multiplayer a great way to meet like-minded friends


  • You cannot cross-save with the PC version

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